5 Month Waiting Period for Social Security Disability Benefits

There is a 5 month waiting period for Social Security disability benefits to make sure benefits are not paid to people who don’t have long-term disabilities. You must have a long-term disability to receive Social Security disability benefits. Social Security benefits will only be paid if you have been continuously disabled for 5 full months. Social Security disability benefits will be paid for the 6th full month after your disability began. Social Security disability benefits are not awarded for any month during the waiting period. To make sure you are awarded your Social Security disability benefits, you can contact a social security disability lawyer to represent you.

Jane was severely injured in a car accident and she may not be able to work for over a year. Right away, Jane files for Social Security disability benefits. Jane qualifies for disability benefits, however she will not start receiving Social Security disability benefits for 5 full months. If Jane is continuously disabled and cannot work during and after 5 full calendar months, she will start receiving benefits for the 6th month. Jane can contact a social security disability lawyer to make sure she receives her disability benefits. If Jane gets better during the 5 month period, she will not receive Social Security disability benefits because she will no longer be disabled.

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