Defining Disability for Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security decides if you, as an adult, are disabled based on whether or not you are able to work due to a medical condition. Social Security does not provide benefits if you are partially disabled or have a short-term disability. If you are unable to do the work you were able to do before your disability, and your disability is expected to last at least one year or result in your death, you may be considered disabled. Your medical condition will be evaluated and how it influences your ability to work. Your medical examinations and information from your doctors will be reviewed as well to determine if you are considered disabled and qualify for Social Security disability benefits. A Social Security disability lawyer who specializes in social security law can help you file a Social Security disability claim.

Joe wants to file for Social Security disability benefits but he is not sure if he fits the definition of “disabled” according to the Social Security Administration. Joe broke his leg and is expected to not be able to work for 6 months. According to the Social Security Administrations definition of disabled, Joe is not disabled because his disability is not expected to last 1 full year or result in his death. For additional information about qualifying for Social Security disability benefits, Joe can contact a Social Security disability lawyer.

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