Helpful Forms

Below you will find many forms that are helpful for nurse administrators and individuals alike:

Other than Psychiatric cases, this form can be used by a doctor to obtain medical information to support disability.

Longer is better when obtaining information from doctors. If the doctor is willing then this long form is better than the short psychiatric form.

In a pinch this medical source statement is better than nothing when a doctor fails to write a letter or is less than clear.

When injured on the job it is the responsibility of the injured worker to report the injury. This form is filled out by the injured worker and given to the  employer. Merely follow the directions on the form. AND KEEP A COPY!

Sometimes Treating Doctors feel better filling out forms and not having to guess what the law requires to support disability findings. This form is sent to the treating physician for the diabetic patient.

This is one of many forms utilized to obtain specific psychiatric information from the patient to clarify the patent’s history of his/her illness.

The following is the letter I send out to new clients. It should give you a sense of how I work and what to expect when I represent you:

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