Medicare Benefits When Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

You will be enrolled in Medicare by the Social Security Administration after you receive disability benefits for two full years. (If you are a resident of Puerto Rico or another foreign territory or country, you will not receive Part B of Medicare automatically. You will have to sign up on your own.) The 2 year period in which you must receive disability benefits, begins at the time you were selected to receive benefits, not at the time you received your first payment. If you are a patient with permanent Kidney failure or ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), you will receive Medicare once you are entitled to disability benefits, rather than waiting 2 years. If you would like more information about Social Security disability benefits and Medicare, you can contact a social security disability lawyer who is knowledgeable about social security law.

The Medicare program consists of 4 parts, which include:

• Part A – Hospital Insurance for hospital bills, etc. Financed with taxes you paid while working so it is free.
• Part B – Medical Insurance for doctor’s office bills. Optional and costs extra every month.
• Part C – Medicare Advantage. Covers extra days in the hospital after Medicare days. If you have A and B, you can choose to get all your health care services through one provider under Part C. May be additional costs.
• Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage. Voluntary and costs a monthly premium.

Joe currently receives Social Security disability benefits. 2 years after he became entitled to Social Security benefits, he will be automatically enrolled in Medicare. If Joe suffers from ALS or permanent Kidney failure, he would not have to wait 2 years to be enrolled in Medicare, but would have Medicare as soon as he became entitled to disability benefits. Joe will have Medicare Part A, hospital coverage and will be able to pay monthly premiums for Part B Medical Insurance and Part D Prescription Drug Coverage.

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