Non-Medical Requirements for Social Security Disability

In order to receive Social Security disability benefits, the Social Security Administration will have your medical information reviewed in addition to non-medical requirements reviewed for eligibility. Non-medical requirements consist of proof of your age, your employment, if you are married or single, or your Social Security coverage information. In order to receive Social Security Disability benefits, you must have a disability that meets the Social Security Administration’s definition as well as meet the non-medical criteria. Usually, the Disability Determination Services or DDSs, a state service, will examine your medical information and make a decision on your claim. Your local Social Security office will verify your non-medical information. For information about non-medical requirements, you can contact as Social Security disability lawyer who is an expert in social security law.

Jane is filing a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance. Jane must submit medical information to prove that she is in fact disabled. Jane must also submit non-medical information. Non-medical information that Jane must submit includes proof of her age (which could be a birth certificate), her marital information (if she is single or married), her employment, and if she receives any other Social Security benefits. This information will be evaluated in addition to her medical condition because this information will also affect her qualification for Social Security Disability. If Jane wants more information about the review process of her non-medical information, she can contact a Social Security disability lawyer.

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