Qualified Medical Examiner Backlog … Again?

Many applicant attorneys are writing to the Director of the Division of Workers Compensation and Department of Industrial Relations at the following address: State of California, 1515 Clay Street, 17th Floor, Oakland, California, 94612-1486 to complain about the delay in obtaining a panel of qualified medical examiners (or QMEs) from the Medical Unit of the Division of Workers’ Compensation. Three to 12 months of delay when an injured worker is waiting for treatment is not only unreasonable and unnecessary, but cruel and unusual punishment for merely having the bad fortune of getting injured on the job. Some attorneys are asking the director to waive the compulsory provision that requires the PQME Panel and let the injured workers choose their own doctors for treatment at least until the division straightens out the causes for the delay.

Last month, fellow workers compensation attorney David DePaulo wrote about the backlog in QMEs for his “Work Comp World,” site. Read more about how the QME system, designed to fix a pervasive problem has actually become a problem of its own at David’s site.