Social Security Benefits When Full Retirement Reached

When you reach the age of full retirement, nothing but a simple name change will happen. Your Social Security benefits will be referred to as retirement benefits rather than disability benefits. This will occur without you having to do anything.

Additionally, once you do reach your full retirement age, you will receive your Social Security benefits without a limit on the amount you can earn. Unlike disability benefits, retirement benefits will be paid to you every month and you can earn as little or as much as you want without losing your benefits. If you have disability benefits and you are nearing your retirement age, contact a social security disability lawyer for more information about the change.

Joe receives Social Security benefits. He is nearing his full retirement age of 66. Joe consulted with a social security disability lawyer about what happens once Joe turns 66. The attorney reassured Joe that he will still receive his benefits, but they will be called retirement benefits instead of disability benefits. Joe will not have to do anything for this change to happen, it will be taken care of for him. With the change to retirement benefits, Joe will have no limit to the amount he can earn and he will still receive Social Security benefits. To find out your retirement age or get information about your Social Security benefits, contact a social security disability lawyer today!

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