Time It Takes to Receive a Decision

It takes 3 to 5 months to receive a decision on your disability claim. The Social Security Administration has to review your application, as well as obtain information from your doctors or other medical sources and this can take some time. How fast you receive a decision is based on several factors. First, the nature of your disability affects the decision making time because some disabilities are more easily proved than others. Second, the Social Security office must receive medical evidence of your condition from your doctors and sometimes it can awhile. Thirdly, the Social Security office may need you to have a medical examination in order to support your claim. And lastly, your claim may be selected randomly for review. All in all, this process takes 3 to 5 months. Having a social security disability lawyer file for you will ensure that all the necessary documents and information were filed. This can help speed up the process for you.

Jane filed a disability claim in January because she has chronic condition that prevents her from working. Once Jane filed the claim. the Social Security office must review her application. In order to fully review her application, the Social Security office must contact Jane’s doctor to get evidence to prove that Jane does in fact have the condition that she says she has. The Social Security office may want an additional doctor’s exam of Jane to ensure that she has the condition. All of these factors take time. Jane’s doctor takes at least a month to send over all his files on Jane that proves she has a chronic condition. Jane will not receive the decision about her disability claim until at least April. If Jane wants to ensure that she sends in all the correct paperwork so her application is reviewed as swiftly as possible, she can contact a social security disability lawyer to file for her.

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