Will I Lose Social Security Benefits If I Return to Work

You will not lose your Social Security benefits right away if you begin to earn an income. There are special rules in place called “work incentives” that allow you to keep your social security disability and Medicare benefits, while you see if you are able to work. This is called a trial work period. In this trial work period you can keep your benefits no matter how much you earn as long as you report your work activity and continue to have your disabling impairment. The trial work period will last a total of 9 months, not necessarily 9 months consecutively. After the trial work period is over, your disability will stop if your earnings are considered substantial. Substantial earnings are currently $1,000 per month. In 2009, the substantial earnings amount was $980 per month. If you are blind, the substantial earnings amount is $1,640. If your earnings fall below the substantial earnings level and you still have a disabling impairment, your disability benefits may start again. For advice and consulting, you may contact a social security disability lawyer who is very knowledgeable about social security law.

Joe is receiving Social Security disability benefits because he was unable to work due to a long lasting injury. Joe wants to try to go back to work. Joe can have a trial work period where he can earn as little or as much as possible and still receive his disability benefits. This trial work period can last a total of 9 months. Those nine months don’t have to be consecutive months. After 9 months, if Joe has substantial earnings, over $1,000 per month, he will no longer receive disability benefits. If Joe’s monthly earnings drop below the substantial amount of $1,000, he can receive his disability benefits again. Joe can contact a social security disability lawyer at any time to make sure he understands his case.

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